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Saab Logo - Wir liefern Original Saab Ersatzteile
Customers from outside EU

Dear Customers from all countries outside the European Union (EU),

all orders done from you in our Onlinestore are free of sales tax (VAT).
In the last step of the order process of your order our Onlinestore will deduct the German VAT/sales tax (=19%) out of the order sum.
Both for the arcticle and the shipping/freight costs!
Example: An article is offered for 119€ incl.19% VAT/sales tax -> The shop will charge you 100€ only.
(Important Note: In the first three steps during the order process due to technical reasons the VAT/sales tax is still shown but at the end of the order process were you confirm the order the VAT is deducted so you definitely do not pay any German tax and safe 19% German VAT/sales tax).
Enjoy shopping and welcome back!

Best regards
Your Customer Service from www.schwedenteile.com

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